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Amarillo Sox

Amarillo Sox
Stadium Journal Article

Dates Visited:

May 26 & 27, 2012

Ease of getting in/out:

There was lots of road construction in the area at the time I visited. There were no signs to direct you to the stadium.

Once maneuvering through the construction was figured out, it was relatively easy to find. It is a direct line just a mile or so from I-40.

Windy! Dusty!

I had not experienced driving across the Texas panhandle before. It was a dangerously windy drive this Memorial Day weekend.

When I pulled into the Amarillo National Bank Sox Stadium parking lot (after going through a bout of road construction) I wasn't really expecting to enjoy my visit. The stadium is corrugated metal with rust prevailing in many areas and has a dirt parking lot. However, I totally enjoyed my game day experience and even chose to attend the game the next day at this facility vs. traveling home.

The stadium opened in 1949 as Potter County Stadium and is part of the Tri-County Fairgrounds. It has provided baseball to Amarillo in a variety of different teams and leagues including, but not limited to, the Golden Sox and the Dilla Villas of the now defunct United League Baseball.

I attended the Sox games on Memorial Day weekend. The Sox organization did a fantastic job at honoring fallen veterans/heroes from the Texas panhandle.

There was a patriotic float outside the stadium, mini flags were handed out to fans upon entering the stadium, and American flag bunting was placed along the outside of the stadium entrance.

The press box. This photo shows the age of the stadium well. Under the press box you can see a church bell. This is rung every time a Sox player gets a home run.

At the one game, the team collected $1 after each home run for a cancer for kids' charity organization. After rounding the bases, each player took his helmet off and walked the net allowing fans to place a $1 bill in the helmet.

The infield. This stadium has a net and chain link fence around most of the infield causing much distortion when sitting behind it. Sit on the first base side towards the first base bag to avoid that nuisance.

There were two bench clearing brawls after hit by pitch events, one at each game I attended here and I saw an in-the-park home run.

The advertisement filled, basic scoreboard. There were many local promotions. Every time a batter fouled a ball, "That's an Aqua One Foul Ball" was announced. It got quite annoying after a while.


Credits go to the Amarillo Sox organization for making a visit to an old, run down ballpark into a wonderful game day experience.

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